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We integrate Financial Planning and Investment Management with the services of Independent Accounting Firms to provide greater value to our Clients. We maintain the integrity, trust and professionalism that is the foundation of the Client-Accountant relationship by always serving in the best interest of our Clients.



Trust is IAIC’s guiding core value. IAIC has been a trusted resource for many years. We build strong relationships based upon trust because we are reliable, dependable and honest.

Understanding each client’s unique needs and circumstances builds the foundation of trust and translates into a customized plan tailored to the client.

Integration of a professional team focused on the client. Independent Accountants’ Investment Counsel leverages the strength of the relationships the accountants have with their clients to build a more comprehensive financial plan and provide stronger investment management.

Preservation of Wealth. IAIC recognizes that clients have worked hard for their wealth and understand the importance of preserving their wealth for generations to come.

Hard work. Like their clients, the individuals on IAIC’s team work hard.

Client comes first. All IAIC personnel work together in an integrated manner to serve the client. Everyone on the team has the client’s best interest in mind.

Communication. IAIC communicates their thinking and strategies regularly with the organization's financial advisors, accountants, financial planners, portfolio managers and supportive team. Their processes are structured to share information about the economy, global issues, company-specific research as well as each client’s objectives and circumstances.

Strong Relationships are built and maintained with each client. IAIC ensures regular meetings are held with clients to review changes in their personal circumstances and review the performance of their portfolios, making updates and modifications when needed.




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