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How We Are Different


With IAIC, you are not simply working with another investment firm. You are bringing your financial vision into focus for long-term success. Our unparalleled approach of integrating accounting with financial planning and investment management arms clients with solid financial plans, customized portfolios and clarity in their financial outlook. These attributes differentiate us in the industry and have led to the success of our organization. The following section illuminates how our unique vision, focus and balance mission will lead you above and beyond your financial horizon.


Integration of Accounting, Financial Planning & Investment Management

Through working with your accountant, IAIC benefits from the long-standing relationship and familiarity the accountant has with your personal and financial situation. This provides greater insight into your needs for our advisors, financial planners, and portfolio managers, enabling our integrated team to provide more comprehensive financial plans and stronger investment management. Moreover, there is continuous interaction between all three disciplines, ensuring portfolios are truly customized and reflect every clients’ objectives and risk tolerance.

IAIC is Influenced By Accountants

By virtue of our relationship with the accounting industry, IAIC invests our clients' assets with an accountant’s perspective. To that end, we place a strong emphasis on tax efficiency and have solid research and reporting.  This ensures both your success and ours.

We Build Strong Client Relationships

IAIC always endeavours to build and maintain strong relationships with each client. These relationships provide clients with an outstanding experience, with dependable, reliable and responsive service.

Conservative and Unbiased Approach Focused on Preserving Your Wealth

A conservative, diversified and well managed portfolio that seeks to both build and preserve your wealth is our guiding approach. This is achieved by investing in sectors and companies that have a proven track record of being valuable and successful. Equally important, our investment counsel provides you with totally unbiased advice, as they work independently without biases that could impact their investment decisions.


IAIC’s team follows a strict, structured and highly disciplined financial planning and investment management process. This approach ensures emotion does not interfere with investment decisions and that investment strategies are regularly assessed, rebalanced if necessary and focused on meeting your objectives.

Customized Portfolios

At IAIC, we believe all clients fit into one category – their own. That’s why we develop truly customized portfolios for clients that reflect their goals, needs and priorities both now and in the future. All portfolios incorporate strategies that are tax efficient, diversified and based on independent research and analysis.

Clients’ Interests Always Come First

Everyone on the IAIC team has the client’s best interests in mind and put their interests first.


Trust is IAIC’s guiding core value and the foundation of our success.  Clients come to us not just for our expertise, but because we are honest and trustworthy.




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