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Frequently Asked Questions


Why IAIC and not another investment firm?
Rather than exclusively focusing on your investments, IAIC offers integrated services that bring focus, vision and balance to your financial outlook. By virtue of our relationship with the accounting industry, we offer the value-add of financial planning and investment management solutions integrated with independent accountant firm services to ensure a strong emphasis on tax efficiency. Our conservative investment approach is focused on wealth preservation, with our portfolio managers customizing diversified and well managed portfolios to clients’ specific financial situation, objectives and risk tolerance.

IAIC practices a proactive, team-focused work philosophy, being readily accessible to clients and connecting with them regularly. Above all, the clients come first at IAIC!


How experienced is IAIC?
We have over 30 years of experience in investment management and financial planning.


Does IAIC have full control or ownership of my assets?
Absolutely not.  We invest your assets for you, in your name.  We do extensive research, as well as create and rebalance a portfolio for your assets, but we do not have any ownership of your funds. 


Once my account is set up, what will I receive?
In addition to our customized quarterly statements, you will receive a monthly statement from the custodian (the holder of your assets).  At year end, you will also receive a capital gains report, which outlines the trading activity that we have conducted within your account.


Do I have access to my funds?
We maintain a certain level of liquidity within your account to provide for in times of need.  Whenever required, we can move your money back into your bank account or have a draft available for you to pick up.


Who will manage my portfolio?
We have a team of accredited Portfolio Managers.  One will be assigned to invest and manage your portfolio.  Decisions made to buy and sell specific companies are made as a group.


Are my personal investment preferences taken into consideration?
Absolutely. If you have a personal distaste or preference for any particular investment, we will most definitely honour your request.


Does IAIC have any affiliation with any of the companies they invest in?
No, we do not maintain any relationship with any company that we buy.  This ensures that we buy only the best companies for our clients and there is no bias.




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