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Investment Management


IAIC delivers an integrated approach to managing your portfolio with focused and balanced investment advice that’s unique to your financial situation. All investment portfolios follow IAIC’s Six Step Investment Management Process:

  1. We gather all facts needed for a comprehensive understanding of your situation 
  2. A specific Investment Strategy (IPS) is developed for your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance 
  3. Review your current assets and develop a customized portfolio strategy 
  4. Implement the strategy 
  5. Review and rebalance your portfolio and assess performance quarterly 
  6. Finally, we review your situation and the appropriateness of your IPS annually

In managing your portfolio, IAIC ensures the following are always delivered:

Integrating the investment process with accounting, tax and estate planning, and compliance procedures

Value-based investing seeking out securities whose underlying value is based on a solid track record of earnings, growth, and competent management

Selecting individual securities to meet your objectives and the asset allocation criteria from your Investment Strategy

Diversification in your portfolio across geographic and economic sectors, including financial, utilities, consumer, resources and industrial, as well among income producing securities (bonds, preferred shares and trust units) to reduce risk

Strategic positioning of your investments to ensure balance and wealth preservation, rather than sporadic investment styles such as market timing or IPO speculations

Ensuring that liquidity is maintained to satisfy your personal income requirements

Monitoring tax changes and ensuring tax efficiencies

Rebalancing the portfolio quarterly (or as required) to maintain appropriate asset allocations

Replacing individual securities if the fundamentals of the underlying issuer change or as more attractive opportunities occur

Reporting comprehensively to you monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and meeting with you as you require


The result: A focused, tax efficient, diversified and personalized portfolio.




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