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Comprehensive Financial Planning


IAIC’s team of knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy planners provides comprehensive and flexible financial planning services, tailored to the client’s unique situation and presented in an unbiased manner.


The IAIC Financial Planning Process consists of the following steps:


Discovery: Our financial planners meet with your accountant to fully understand your goals, needs and priorities. This would include everything from your tax, estate and insurance situation, to your retirement and business succession plans. By gaining this insight, we are able to best understand what you want to accomplish with your finances now and in the future.


Writing the Plan: IAIC always develops customized financial plans that are unique to each client’s particular needs. The plan takes into consideration tax efficiencies, insurance, net worth, a review of your investments, your risk tolerance, as well as strategies to maximize long-term returns.


Presentation of the Plan: In the spirit of full integration, we present the financial plan to your accountant first to ensure that it is consistent with their knowledge of your personal and financial situation. Then, we meet with you and take you through the plan in a comprehensive way, addressing all questions or concerns you may have.


Ongoing Review: We regularly monitor and review your plan to make sure it keeps its focus, is in line with your vision and is well balanced.  Clients are encouraged to review the plan and be in touch with our advisors frequently if they have any concerns or questions.




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