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Integration delivers results for our clients.


The value of IAIC and its associated accounting and wealth management firms is unique. As an integrated team of certified professionals, we operate in our client's best interest and bring together accounting expertise (CPA), financial planning (CFP®), and investment management (CFA®/CIM®) to the same table.

Having our three certified professionals align regularly enables us to build highly customized and comprehensive financial plans and portfolios tailored to our client's financial goals based on their risk capacity and tolerance to attain long-term financial security.

We call this integrated approach, TriCert™. To learn more, watch the webcast below.


IAIC's investment management approach is also unique. To learn more about our investment strategy, watch the webcast below explaining our QSect™ (quality sector-based) Investment Principles. 


To address the many insurance misconceptions out there, IAIC also views insurance as an asset class where we take a proactive approach and work with the CPA through a diagnostics process to assess the needs of the client. Watch our webcast below to learn more about ADꓯPT™.


As an integrated team, we deliver results for our clients.




Integration Delivers Results






TriCert™: Integration Delivers Results

Listen to IAIC President and CEO, Mike Gassewitz, articulate the strength of our value and the benefits of our unique integrated approach to having all certified professionals, including your CPA, CFP® and CFA®/CIM®, at the same table.


Client Advantage


QSect™: Quality Sector-Based Investment Approach

We are investors; not traders. Watch this webcast to learn more about our quality sector-based investment approach and how we manage assets.


Investment Solutions


ADꓯPT™: The Accountants’ Proactive Process

Insurance that aligns with your financial plan and is tax-efficient. Watch this webcast to learn more about our disciplined, proactive approach to insurance.


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