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Independent Accountants' Investment Counsel Inc.

As an IAIC client, you will benefit from the expertise of an integrated professional team focused specifically on you.

All IAIC team members work together in an integrated manner to serve you and everyone on the team has your best interests in mind.  Understanding your unique needs and circumstances enables us to build a customized and comprehensive financial plan tailored to your specific situation. 

IAIC integrates its financial planning and investment management services with the knowledge and advice of the client’s accountant.  Rather than only focusing on your investments, our financial planners and portfolio managers, along with the accountants and advisers of independent accounting firms, work as a team to ensure we clearly understand the full picture of your financial and personal situation and use this knowledge to ensure vision, focus and balance in your finances.

Our hard working team is fully committed to providing you with solid advice, exceptional client service and offering customized portfolios that bring vision, focus and balance to your financial outlook.

You will benefit from a strong professional relationship that is built on trust, dependability and integrity.

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Vision. Focus. Balance.



Confidence. Security. Protection.