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Independent Accountants' Investment Counsel Inc.

Strategic Portfolio Asset Allocation

IAIC adheres to a diversified investment approach. Investments are categorized into asset classes, then diversified among numerous securities and sectors, all of which are guided by strategic protfolio management disciplines. Growth and value are two fundamental approaches or investement styles. Growth investors seek companies that offer strong earnings growth while value investors seek stocks that appear to be undervalued in the marketplace. Because the two styles complement each other, they can help add diversity to your portfolio when used together.

IAIC delivers an integrated approach to managing your portfolio with focused and balanced investment advice that’s unique to your financial situation. All investment portfolios follow IAIC’s Six Step Investment Management Process:

IAIC’s Six Step Investment Management Process:

  1. We gather all facts needed for a comprehensive understanding of your situation. 
  2. A specific Investment Strategy (IPS) is developed for your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. 
  3. Review your current assets and develop a customized portfolio strategy. 
  4. Implement the strategy. 
  5. Regularly review and rebalance your portfolio and assess performance.  
  6. Finally, we regularly review your situation and the appropriateness of your IPS.

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Discipline & Diversification

A core tenant of value investing is to make sure you’re diversifying your investments

and have the discipline to stay focused. At IAIC our team of Portfolio Managers ensures that your portfolio is rebalanced applying the discipline of our investment philosophy and following our guiding principles below:

  • Value based independent fundamental analysis
  • Diversification
  • Asset and sector allocation
  • Review entry balance – every client, every quarter
  • Core pick list of our “best ideas”
  • Strict value discipline and buy up to targets


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