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Independent Accountants' Investment Counsel Inc.

Our unparalleled approach of integrating accounting with financial planning and investment management prepares clients with solid financial plans, customized portfolios based on plan findings and clarity to their financial outlook. These attributes differentiate us in the industry and have led to the success of our clients in reaching their financial goals.  Each client’s financial vision is brought into focus for long-term success.

IAIC’s knowledgeable and experienced planning team supports the accounting firms’ financial planners to provide comprehensive and flexible financial planning services, tailored to each stage of life and the client’s unique situation. The financial plan is professionally presented to the client in an unbiased manner and the accounting firm’s financial planner works to help implement recommendations and monitor the progress towards achieving the client’s goals.

Your Vision - Our Focus.

Based on FP Canada’s guidelines, our Financial Planning Process consists of the following steps:

1. Discovery & Data Collection

Your accounting firm’s financial planner meets with you and your accountant to fully understand your unique goals, needs and priorities.  We cover everything from tax planning, estate planning and insurance needs, current and retirement cash flow requirements, and business succession plans. By gaining this insight, we are able to best understand what you wish to accomplish with your finances now and in the future.

2. Analyze Data & Create the Plan

We develop customized financial plans that are unique to your particular needs. The plan takes into consideration tax efficiencies, insurance, net worth, a review of investment savings and risk tolerance, as well as strategies to maximize long-term returns.  During this stage of the planning process, our planning team reviews interim projections and determines whether we need additional input from you before we finalize the plan.

3. Presentation of the Plan

In the spirit of full integration, we present the financial plan to your accountant first to ensure that it is consistent with his or her knowledge of your personal and financial situation. Then we meet with you and walk you through the plan in a comprehensive way, addressing all your questions or concerns.  Wherever possible, we quantify the potential value of implementing our recommendations to help you see the financial benefit of taking action.

4. Implement Recommendations

We believe a financial plan is only of benefit if the recommendations are implemented in a timely manner.  The financial planner and accountant work with you to determine the priorities for implementing each of the recommendations to ensure the intended improvements become actual improvements.

5. Ongoing Review

We build your financial plan based on what we know today and expect to happen in the future.  Of course, the future never unfolds exactly as planned, so your financial planner will regularly monitor and review your plan with you to make sure it keeps its focus, is in line with your vision and remains well balanced.  You will be encouraged to review your financial plan and contact us should you have any concerns or questions.  You should reach out to your financial planner whenever you experience a major life change so that we can help determine if your plan should be updated.

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