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Independent Accountants' Investment Counsel Inc.

Your Plan Is As Unique As You Are

As an IAIC client, you will benefit from the expertise of an integrated professional team focused specifically on you.

All IAIC team members work together in an integrated manner to serve you and everyone on the team has your best interests in mind.  Understanding your unique needs and circumstances enables us to build a customized and comprehensive financial plan tailored to your specific situation. 

IAIC integrates its financial planning and investment management services with the knowledge and advice of your accountant.  Rather than only focusing on your investments, our financial planners and portfolio managers, along with the accountants and advisers of independent accounting firms, work as a team to ensure we clearly understand the full picture of your financial and personal situation and use this knowledge to ensure vision, focus and balance in your finances.

Our hard working team is fully committed to providing you with solid advice, exceptional client service and customized portfolios that bring vision, focus and balance to your financial outlook.

You will benefit from a strong professional relationship that is built on trust, dependability and integrity.

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Like a telescope, we scan the economic horizon, seek out the best opportunities for you and make adjustments to ensure everything in your financial situation is clear, firm and focused. Keeping the telescope perfectly balanced is the tripod – the seamless integration of accounting, financial planning and investment management. By bring these three areas together, we are able to clearly define your goals, build solid financial plans and stay focused on growing customized portfolios for your unique situation. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated professional manage investment portfolios for families, individuals, private companies, estates and trusts.

Vision. Focus. Balance.

  • Integration of a professional team focused on all of your financial needs (investment management, accounting services, financial planning, life insurance)
  • As an IAIC client, your best interests always come first
  • Customized investment portfolios unique to your financial situation
  • Strong emphasis on tax efficiency and overall tax planning
  • Disciplined and conservative approach focused on preserving your wealth
  • Reliable, unbiased, and independent research and analysis
  • Flexibility to ease into market when investing
  • Integrating additional investment considerations (e.g., outside investments/real estate holdings/ employment exposure)

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The IAIC & Custodian Relationship

IAIC uses the services of third-party investment custodians to maintain the custody of our clients' assets.

IAIC clients have the option to choose between National Bank Independent Network or Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC for their custodian services.

National Bank Independent Network

National Bank Independent Network is Canada’s leading provider of custody, trade execution, and brokerage solutions. NBIN has supported the independent wealth management space for more than 30 years and is currently partnered with over 380 independent Portfolio Managers, Broker Dealers, and Investment Fund Managers representing more than $200B in assets under management.

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IAIC is a member of OBSI.

OBSI is Canada's trusted independent dispute-resolution service for consumers and small businesses with a complaint they can't resolve with their banking services or investment firm.

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Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC)

IAIC has partnered with Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC) through its uniFide™ digital services platform to ensure our investment professionals have access to the very best custody, record keeping, and trading capabilities, supported by industry-leading knowledge, tools and technology — enabling us to focus our time and energies on collaborating with our customers to deliver maximum relationship value.

A registered investment dealer in all Canadian jurisdictions and a member of all domestic stock exchanges and professional industry associations, FCC is one of Canada’s largest providers of trusted [execution / trading / clearing / custody / back-office support/  safeguarding] services – backed in turn by the strength of Fidelity, a privately held global financial services leader with a reputation for growth, integrity and insight.

IAIC's partnership with FCC and uniFide™ allows us to prioritize our service delivery, optimize our acumen, maximize our impact — and better protect our clients’ assets, securities and records against default.

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IAIC is a member of PMAC.

Established in 1952, the Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC) is a forum for Portfolio Management firms to share best practices and industry knowledge. PMAC was formerly known as the Investment Counsel Association of Canada (ICAC). The new name Portfolio Management Association of Canada was launched in 2010 to reflect growth, national membership and diversity of its membership managing private client, pension, foundations and other institutional client portfolios.

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