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Accountants work with Independent Accountants' Investment Counsel for one overriding reason - to provide greater value to their clients. 


The partners, principals and directors of participating accounting firms have all recognized the benefits to their clients of offering an integrated approach to wealth management. 


Involving the experience, expertise and client knowledge of an accountant with the services of a financial planner and portfolio manager has resulted in IAIC being able to deliver a wealth management service that always has the best interests of the client in mind.


Accountants develop a special relationship with their clients and their families, based on trust established over many years.  Because an accountant understands their clients' financial goals and personal characteristics they add tremendous value in the delivering of wealth management services. 


In developing a wealth management strategy the client's accountant is relied upon not only to ensure recommendations being made conform to the goals, objectives and true risk profile of the client, but also to ensure investment strategies are as tax efficient as possible when considering the client's overall position.


In executing the wealth management strategy the accountant maintains an integral role.  By having a long term and trusted relationship with the client, the accountant is often the first to become aware of changes in the client's personal and financial situation.  The accountant will then ensure such changes are communicated to the other members of the client's IAIC wealth management team resulting in the client's financial plan and investment strategy to be updated accordingly.  The accountant also monitors the income in the client's investment portfolio to ensure all tax saving opportunities are being utilized.


If you would like to learn more about how your accounting firm can provide greater value to your clients by working with IAIC please email us.





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